Look after your employees when they are most vulnerable

Lulla provides your employees with a Maternity Coach to guide them from pregnancy to their children’s early years. Make the most of the best wellbeing, physical activity, nutrition, sleep and baby-care plans with ongoing guidance from an expert who is always on call.

We protect and boost your company’s talent investing in active and health families.

They already trust Lulla

Does this sound familiar?

“I get home after work with good news: I’ve been working in this company for 5 years, love my job and enjoy what I do. I have an intermediate position and if I’m on target I’ve been told they’ll give me a more senior position. That’s great. I get home, share the exciting news with my husband, we have dinner (over a glass of wine) and I go to bed because I have a meeting tomorrow and must prepare the presentation first thing…

I get up in the morning. Another day late! Better see what the Predictor has to say: two lines. What’s that? Yes! I’m pregnant! Wow! I cry, laugh and hug the future good dad. I dress in a hurry because I’m late for the meeting…

Once in the office, my mind starts spinning… worry and uncertainty start getting the better of me over. How am I to tell my boss I’m pregnant? When’s the best time to it? What about the promotion they told me about? Will I be able to work and care for my baby at the same time?”

Food for thought

“50.7% of mothers refer to negative experiences at work due to motherhood.”
Source: Concilia13F Report

“More than 80% of working women believe that work-family measures fall short.”
Source: Concilia13F Report

“80% of (HR) organisations consider that offering health and wellbeing programmes is
essential to attract top talent.”
Source: Fitbit. HR_Leaders_Survey_Infographic (2019)

“75% (HR leaders) recognise how difficult it is to find health and wellbeing programmes
affording sustained wellbeing changes for their employees.”
Source: Fitbit HR_Leaders_Survey_Infographic (2019)

Success stories

Claire Abigail


“Just having someone by my side has given me additional comfort. I know I have somebody I can ask about my pregnancy and our future family”

Lulla Care is a global benefit for Amazon employees

Sandra Arismendi


“Thanks to the Lulla programme we’ve been able to get our family sleep and wellbeing back. Our coach has helped us a lot with our newborn, particularly because you know you have an expert by your side”.

Lulla Care is a benefit for Balay employees

Hero Baby Customer
“The coach helped me understand my baby much better. There were things I was unaware of and she’s always trying to help. Having someone by your side who really understands you is great”.

A special Lulla plan is included with Hero Baby online purchases.

Together with UNICEF we are committed to improving the well-being of motherhood, helping mothers both with their emotional well-being and with the information they need to take care of what they love most, their baby.

At Lulla Care, we also develop tailor-made solutions for companies that want to retain the talent of their employees. Lulla Care adapts to the unique needs that your company may have to offer you the best solution.

Why Corporate Lulla Care?


We live linking up tasks and find it hard to identify and cope with situations that surpass us.


It is difficult to give our level best at work or at home when we’re overwhelmed.



Stumbling blocks and issues are the norm when you’ve got children. Professional support and self-care are essential. There are no shortcuts or miracle methods.


Thoughtfulness, respect and energy. Improving wellness is the foundation for families and helpers wishing to make the most of every day.

Would you like to improve your company's wellbeing?