From sleepless nights to sleeping through the night

At Lulla we are sleep experts and have helped 5000+ families to sleep through the night and can help you.

Whether you’re expecting or you’ve already got children or a baby, we have a plan for the whole family.

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How does Lulla help you?

At Lulla we’ll assign you a midwife who will accompany you throughout your pregnancy, settling any queries you may have about pregnancy and also about the baby to come.

She may also recommend the best sleep pillows, late pregnancy positions or habits and routines to help you get better rest.

We’ll prepare a complementary plan for your baby and yourself. At Lulla we respect all upbringing options and will therefore assign you a maternity coach to help you with your specific case.

We’ll start with sleep routines and sleep schedules for your baby. In addition, our midwife may recommend sleep sacks, stories and even monitors suitable for you and your baby.

Once we have sleep routines in place with your baby, we’ll help you with an improved schedule, task sharing with your partner and organising this great new family project for you.

Lulla makes a difference in that we’re always by your side and have for more than 3 years now been helping families like yours. Many are still with us from the beginning!

We're there for you

We provide you with all the necessary content to understand your baby’s sleep.

But sometimes you need a little extra help.

Got doubts? Questions? Being a parent is hard but we are here to help you. Our paediatric sleep specialists will help you with anything you need.

Lulla stats help you record

Lulla really helps you

With Lulla you can record your baby’s sleep, when you change baby’s nappies or breastfeed baby. You can see it all on the weekly chart.

We’ll cover for you tonight

Our innovative musical routines will help your baby relax, fall asleep and reduce awakenings, and they won’t become a negative association.

No data or WiFi required.

Curated content for baby sleep

Expert information

Our expert team: Paediatricians, Psychologists and Certified Sleep Coaches have come up with a complete guide to help you understand your baby’s sleep.

The App content is intended for you to understand your baby’s sleep and be able to make the best decisions to help baby sleep, setting your own goals.

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