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At Lulla.care we provide the tools necessary for hospitals, insurers and other health players to create powerful communities.

Maternity+ for Zurich Klinc

The app to help you on your maternity journey

The only app with a Baby Sleep Coach

We have reimagined baby sleep. Regain confidence, feel at ease and help your baby be extraordinary.

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Rediscover your potential through restful sleep.Working together with Adsalutem Sleep Clinic

8 out of 10 mums say they’ve been overwhelmed by motherhood at one point or another

And that having someone close has helped them deal with it.

Based on Lulla's own case study done with over 50 moms.

We’ve helped 5000+ families

100.000+ downloads of our app and Apple App of the day in several countries

9/10 mums say Lulla has improved their wellbeing

Pregnancy Workout

At Lulla we believe you deserve to get ongoing personalised support to improve your own and all your family’s wellbeing.

Get started with your personalised plan and our Maternity Coaches will guide you step by step, from pregnancy to your baby’s sleep.

Unifying Health Globally: Transforming Prevention for a Sustainable Future.

Our mission is to expand connected health to reach millions of people worldwide. We aim to make a positive impact on their preventive healthcare practices and contribute to the long-term sustainability of global health systems.

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Motherhood is still a very tough decision within the workspace. 80% of women feel uneasy or stressed about communicating their pregnancy at work.

We work with the best

Lulla provides your employees with a Maternity Coach to guide them from pregnancy to their children’s early years. Make the most of the best wellbeing, physical activity, nutrition, sleep and baby-care plans with ongoing guidance from an expert who is always on call.

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Your wellbeing and that of your family in 3 simple areas

Accessible, inexpensive and always available.


Accessible, inexpensive and always available.


Accessible, inexpensive and always available.

Our Values

At Lulla we believe in expert help and communication with families to succeed in improving family wellbeing and the quality of life.

Start a personalised plan and our coaches will guide you every step of the way. From pregnancy to the next few years of your baby.

Accessible, inexpensive and always available.

Respecting how you understand upbringing and family.

Reliable, backed by experts and the best information.