Baby frequently waking up

Why does my baby keep waking up?

Who else has put their little one to bed after settling them into a seemingly deep sleep, only to have them wake up one hour later? 

The most likely explanation is that your baby has developed a negative sleep association with something and is looking for that something to calm down before they can go back to sleep.

If your baby is over 4 months of age and wakes up every 1 or 2 hours, this information is for you.

What to do?

The first thing you should do is identify any potentially negative sleep associations, some examples could be rocking, breastfeeding, sleeping in your arms, the list goes on! 

After identifying it, it is important to change this association to a positive one, something your little one can do by themselves.

This could be something as simple as playing white noise, handing your little one their pyjamas to put on or even giving them their favorite pacifier. 

It may sound easy but it is a process that requires a lot of patience, time and consistency. That is why we recommend doing it with the support of a Baby Sleep Coach.

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