Back to sleep routine after the holidays

Vacations are over, so it is time to get back to the routine. After a few days of flexibility, it is crucial to resume sleeping and eating habits, especially with babies and children. Don’t forget that specific and constant guidelines help kids stay active, happy, and focused.

Resume the usual sleep routines and schedules might be difficult for children, mainly because they had gotten used to a more flexible dynamic in the summer. After days at the beach, afternoons with grandparents, bike rides with friends, and movie nights, back to school is coming for someones and the start of kindergarten for others.

Right now, you must be wondering … How can I resume routines?

Relax, getting used to habits again requires time, patience, and consistency. The best thing you can do with your little ones is start with gradual changes that allow them to adapt step by step. What does this mean? Every night, try to put your baby 15 minutes before to sleep and in the morning, start to wake them up 15 minutes earlier when they have already completed all the hours of sleep he needs.

When we adjust the routines with minor changes, we allow our little ones’ bodies to gradually and carefully adjust their natural rhythms.

You have already gradually adjusted your little one’s bedtime and wake-up time. So what else can you do?

Sleep and feeding are two closely related processes, so it is important that you also adjust feeding time, remember, progressively.

Don’t forget naps either; these moments allow your little one to regain energy and stay more active and calm.

Finally, go back to all the rituals you did at bedtime, a quiet bath, massage, feeding, a story, and to bed to sleep.

Patience! These changes are not easy; indeed, your kid will need more understanding and attention these days.

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