2-Years Sleep Regression

baby sleeping

Their independence may start to interfere with your routines at home and tantrums are perfectly normal as your toddler learns to deal with his emotions and frustrations.

18-Month Sleep Regression


This regression occurs because your baby is more autonomous and secure in their physical abilities. They want to engage with their surroundings all the time.

12-Month Sleep Regression

This regression is related to naps and walking. Even if your baby is tired, they will continue exploring so may make your baby very tired.

8-Month Sleep Regression

Your baby might start to protest and ask for a sleep prop to get back to sleep and you might find how your previous sleep routine becomes less effective.

4-Month Sleep Regression


Your baby is growing and maturing. And now, is starting to develop circadian rhythms. Like adults, your baby has started to sleep in cycles. These cycles are linked by small awakenings that cause your baby’s sleep regression.

What is sleep regression?


Sleep regression is a period of time when a baby who’s sleeping well suddenly has trouble settling down for sleep or for a nap and also can wakes up in at night.

Breastfeeding and baby sleep


Breastfeeding is a healthy way of helping your baby fall asleep.

But if is causing disruptions on the mother and baby’s sleep then consider making some changes.

Does teething affect sleep?


A lot of sleep disturbances are being blamed on Teething.

But the truth is that it doesn’t affect our babys sleep that much.

Every baby is different but just be prepared to offer some extra love and cuddles.