Does teething affect sleep?

A lot of sleep disturbances are being blamed on Teething. But the truth is that it doesn't affect our babys sleep that much. Every baby is different but just be prepared to offer some extra love and cuddles.

Teething is often blamed for sleep problems in babies. But many studies show that
teething doesn’t affect sleep as much as many would think.

Indeed, babies who get enough sleep cope with discomfort from teething much better
than those whose sleep is disrupted. If you think your baby’s teething may disturb their
sleep, your best bet is to be consistent with their routine.

Observe your usual routines for both bedtime and nap times. Your baby may need gel
or oral medicine to relieve the pain. But remember, always talk to your pediatrician
before giving your baby any pain relief.

Most teeth appear during your baby’s first two years of life. If you change your baby’s
routine every time a tooth appears, you’ll never succeed in maintaining a consistent
sleep routine
. Instead, your baby will feel confused. All it takes is one or two nights
breaking the rules for your baby to start waking up at the wrong time again.

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