What is sleep training?

Do you know what sleep training is? Here we tell you what it is and why you should do it with your baby.

5 secrets from a child sleep coach

Sleep is not an easy topic to handle, however it is very important for the development of all human beings. These 5 tips from our sleep coach will surely help your baby.

Attachment and sleep

Do you know about the different types of attachment? Learn how to bond with your baby and how it can promote sleep.

Baby sleep at 6 months

Is your baby already 6 months old? Lear everything you need to know about their sleep changes.

Baby frequently waking up

Why does my baby keep waking up? Who else has put their little one to bed after settling them into a seemingly deep sleep, only to have them wake up one hour later?  The most likely explanation is that your baby has developed a negative sleep association with something and is looking for that something […]

Early risers, what can you do?

What is an early wake-up? If your little one goes to bed around 8:00 pm and wakes up between 6:00 – 7:00 am, we could say this is an early wake-up.  If your baby wakes up before 6:00 am, it is considered a night waking. *Early wakings are characterized by your little one’s energy levels; […]

From crib to bed

Did you know that moving your little one to a bed too soon is one of the main causes of sleep problems in older children? The transition from crib to bed should never be rushed, waiting until your little one is cognitively ready to move into their own bed is very important (this is a […]

Sleep for 6 months´ babies. It’s time for the routine!

Six months is a significant age for children in terms of sleep, food, and development. When children are around six months old, they begin to vocalize their first vowel and consonant combinations. They have more significant movement; they can grasp objects with their hands and keep their heads level with their bodies when sitting. At […]

Understanding your baby’s sleep at 4-5 months

As babies get older, their sleeping habits will start to change, the length of naps and their sleep windows will vary. Although sleep is still a priority between 4 and 5 months, other activities become important, such as play. Therefore, babies will spend less time sleeping than when they were newborns. It is expected that […]