From crib to bed

Did you know that moving your little one to a bed too soon is one of the main causes of sleep problems in older children?

The transition from crib to bed should never be rushed, waiting until your little one is cognitively ready to move into their own bed is very important (this is a significant change that implies new responsibilities).

When to transition:

We usually recommend making the transition to a bed from age 3 or up. This is when your little one is capable of understanding the responsibility of a big bed, if they have older siblings they may even be excited to get a ‘big bed’!

How to make the change?

• Prepare your little one’s bed and make sure it is safe, low to the ground and away from any hard edges.

• Talk to your little one about the change. Be sure to explain what will happen and why, make sure they are able to get on and off the bed independently.

• Decorate or dress the bed together to make it cozy.

• Be patient. Moving into a bed can be a big change for some children so it is normal if they wake up several times. When this happens, calmly take them back to bed and help them get cozy. It´s important to insist in staying in their new bed all night.

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