Cultivating love in your relationship while parenting

The arrival of your little one can bring changes to the couple's relationship. In this article we introduce the section to talk about changes and tips to continue cultivating love as a couple.

How to handle a relationship after the birth of your little one

Parenthood is likely to have us starting to feel that our relationship is changing. We no longer quite enjoy certain things we used to do together or we no longer have time to do them. We devote a lot of time to our baby, to managing everyday life and to trying to reconcile family and work and other duties. The arrival of our little one will bring about many changes in a couple’s habits for we now have many more responsibilities. Recognizing all the changes that are happening could help us agree to and build partnership strategies to deal with the new challenges we are facing.

Changes on the arrival of your little one to the family

  • Time, tiredness and priorities: The priority is now seeing to the little one’s constant and changing needs and there is therefore very little spare time. Going out, making plans and traveling with your partner fade into the background and we may also feel very tired to do anything else. This could be challenging for your relationship because no longer spending time together affects communication, the feeling of intimacy and possibly sexuality.
  • New role: Taking on our role as parents can see us putting this role only first and disregarding our other spheres, such as our role at work, as friends, as siblings, as a partner, among others. Neglecting or disregarding these other life spheres could make things difficult for our interpersonal relationships, in particular with our partner.

Lullaai tips for cultivating love in your relationship

Lullaai gives you tips to help you cultivate love simply on a daily basis.

  • Sharing happy times with your partner is the cornerstone of a loving, healthy and lasting relationship. All the time you can devote is important.
  • Talking about your worries and spending time together will make it easier for both of you to reconnect. Remember that together as a team you will overcome difficulties and challenges in your role as parents.
  • Talk and be clear about sharing the responsibilities and tasks you now have.
  • Enjoy and appreciate your new intimacy as parents. While some changes may bring along difficulties, others may benefit your relationship. Identify the positive aspects parenting has brought to your relationship. 

Subsequent articles will provide tips and discuss topics in greater depth to help you carry on cultivating love in your relationship now you are parents.

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