Newborn sleep, all you need to know

The arrival of a child brings significant changes in the life and routine of the parents, especially during the first months. One thing that influences this change is that newborns’ schedules do not adjust to adults’ ones, which can bring sleep deprivation. Therefore, learning about the main changes that babies go through in these months is very important because it allows us to acquire tools to promote the most appropriate conditions for healthy sleep. 

During the first weeks, the life of our little ones is about sleep and food. There are no particular times to go to bed or to eat. At these ages, babies sleep a lot, sometimes more during the day than at night, because their sleep and wake cycles are not regulated like ours. So possibly the best advice for this time is: if your baby is sleeping, do not wake him up, there is no reason to wake a newborn

It is very early to establish sleep routines with a newborn baby; however, it is possible to consider some guidelines that will facilitate the process in the coming months. 

If your baby is between 0 and 3 months old, you must keep in mind that: 

  • Napping time will vary every day. Babies take several naps during the day; That’s why it is essential to remember that the awake windows (periods in which babies don’t sleep) go from 45min to 1.5 hours. Newborns should not be awake for so long; you must respect their awake windows. 
  • Daytime sleep can vary between 7 and 9 hours. Although naps are irregular, it is important that the space is adequate, put on relaxing music, and make sure it is at the right temperature.
  • Help your baby rest with white noise; these sounds mimic the feeling of being inside the womb, which is why many babies find it pleasant. 
  • At night when he makes small noises, try not to move him or comfort him if he is not fully awake and asking for your support. Remember that babies make noises while they sleep. If you take him, you take the risk of waking him up completely and lose the opportunity for him to try to fall asleep on his own. 
  • Prioritize bonding time. The connection with your newborn is vital.

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