Regression of the 8 months

This sleep regression is due to a great brain development and therefore must be seen as a great cognitive leap.

Almost certainly we can intuit your astonished face by reading this article. Yes, another dream regression!

It seems impossible to lower our guard as parents …

Peace of mind, sleep regressions as we have already told on other occasions are totally linked to the development and natural evolution in early childhood.

The so-called development milestones.

The regression of the 8-month sleep, usually occurs between 7 and 10 months, is a temporary phase that is characterized by the difficulty to start the night’s sleep and awakenings that last a long time. If your baby was already sleeping alone he can protest again when you leave him in his crib and if he had any support for sleep, for example the arms, it will not be as easy to sleep as before, that is, his routine is no longer as effective .

This occurs mainly because it is a stage of great brain development and as a consequence the acquisition and practice of new skills, especially motor skills, such as turning, sitting or standing up that will allow the baby to interact in another way with their environment.

What will happen during this time

1- Your baby will begin to stay longer awake showing more interest in everything around him, and will need less daytime sleep, it is the transition period from three naps to two and as you already intuit, adapting to it is not the task of one day to another.

You will surely arrive with excess fatigue at the end of the day, which will make it difficult for you to fall asleep at the beginning of the night and will cause more nighttime awakenings.

2 – The motor progress in this period of time is fascinating and you can not stop practicing it, anywhere. And the cradle can be converted into a large gym where you can perfect it.

3- Just at this stage it also coincides with a great leap at the evolutionary level where your baby begins to form his own individualization, it is known as Separation Anguish, it already feels like an independent being and as a consequence in this age range it will cost to separate more from their parents in any situation and of course at the time of going to sleep.

4- And if they no longer had enough changes, teething appears at this age with the discomfort that it usually causes.

Tips that will help you in this regression

  • Continue to encourage and strengthen good healthy sleep habits that help you sleep independently.
  • Follow a good schedule for your age, it is essential to facilitate bedtime and reduce nighttime awakenings.
  • If previously there were sleep problems, try not to create new supports associated with your dream, they will be unsustainable over time and will have to be removed.
  • Be flexible if the situation requires it but don’t change your strategy every night because it will confuse your baby.
  • Remember that it is a temporary change and keep calm, your baby will thank you.

If you think you need help getting it, our sleep consultants will evaluate your case and guide you through the process.

Our goal: Your rest

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