Active Motherhood

Regular exercise and physical activity are hugely beneficial to your health and improve your life quality.

At Lulla we design a specific plan for you and adapt it to every stage of your motherhood. We want you keep on moving and doing all the things you like. Exercise is health and we are her to look after you.

We’re there for you on your pathway to health

Within our multidisciplinary focus to care for you we provide you with the necessary tools for you to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle: exercise and physical activity plans, and accompaniment to establish healthy habits and routines with a maternity coach.

Get coaching from our experts

Our Maternity Coaches are always on call to settle all your queries and give you the tips you need.

All recommended workouts, meal plans, meditations and more are created by women’s health experts. We are at your disposal to improve your overall wellbeing.

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Enjoy and learn

Thanks to our tailored content and schedule plans you’ll get updates, quick tips and reminders every day for you to stay active and motivated.

We want to know how you’re feeling at all times and how we can help you achieve your targets.

Set yourself targets

Setting small targets is good to motivate ourselves and make reaching our goals easier.

We’ll work through small daily habits to bring about major positive changes for your health and wellbeing.

At Lulla we will help you setting goals that will encourage you to live better every day and contribute to your happy and healthy motherhood.

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