How are you feeling today?

How long is it since you asked yourself this question? Why don’t you devote time to yourself?

Motherhood is exhausting and we sometimes feel as though there is nothing but our baby. But we’re still there and have our needs we cannot ignore.

At times we worry so much about our baby that we forget to think about ourselves. Lulla guides you along the pathway to learning to prioritise and love yourself.

In order to be able to care for others we must first care for ourselves.

Tell us how you feel and our experts will help you

What does self-care mean?

Self-care is actually about sparing time for us, whether actually engaging in activity or simply devoting time to ourselves. 

It is very important that we find time to rest, disconnect and reconnect again.

And we are here to take care of you, mom.

How does Lulla Help you?

  1. We listen to you

We want to listen to you, understand your concerns and offer you personalised help. That is why the first step at Lullaai is to assign an expert who will listen to you.


  1. We draw up a plan tailored to you

We prepare a plan tailored to you, to understand your needs and know what you require.


  1. Ever present

We remain by your side and are there to help you achieve your goals, follow up and readapt the plan to your needs. We believe that if we are consistent and work a little every day, we can help you improve and get the best out of you.

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