Lullaai tips for your well-being: Self-care

Self-care contributes to our well-being and happiness. It is essential during parenting because it allows relationships with children to be much more respectful and loving.

Lullaai self-care tips for busy parents

We know that self-care is a key contributor to our wellbeing and happiness and in addition essential during parenting because it allows far more respectful and loving relationships with our little ones. Caring for ourselves allows us to care for others. However, finding time for ourselves is not always easy and daily activities can be quite stressful and take up most of our time. We would therefore like to share simple practices that may significantly contribute to your self-care, but remember that you can adapt them or create special ones for yourself. All you need is a lot of creativity!

Consejos sSimple self-care tips

  • Enjoy little moments:  Make the most of your little moments making tea and sitting by the window to enjoy the moment. The many things we do in a day makes us forget to spend time contemplating. Try not to do things while having a tea or coffee; just enjoy.
  • Rest your legs:  DTake a 2-minute break lying back with your legs up. We sometimes fail to realize that we’ve been still for many hours and these little things can help improve your circulation. You will certainly feel more rested.
  • Listen to a podcast or a good song:: While doing something like cooking, going to the supermarket or returning home from work, play your favorite podcast or listen to a song that makes you feel happy. You can use those spaces to learn new things or simply boost your energy with a good playlist.
  • Do a little meditation before bedtime No more than 5 minutes are needed. Play any meditation you like or do it yourself. Taking time to detach your mind from thoughts or electronic devices before bedtime will help you get a far more refreshing night’s sleep.

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