Expert Support for mothers worldwide

At Lulla Care we provide a turnkey project that accompanies mothers and other collectives; from expert assistants to a customised and branded app.

8 out of 10 mums say they’ve been overwhelmed by motherhood at one point or another

And that having someone close has helped them deal with it.

Based on Lulla's own case study done with over 50 moms.

We’ve helped 5000+ families

100.000+ downloads of our app and Apple App of the day in several countries

9/10 mums say Lulla has improved their wellbeing

Pregnancy Workout

At Lulla we believe you deserve to get ongoing personalised support to improve your own and all your family’s wellbeing.

Get started with your personalised plan and our Maternity Coaches will guide you step by step, from pregnancy to your baby’s sleep.

Remember: your family’s wellbeing starts with you

Working step by step every day. We believe in consistency, patience and love above all else. And that’s why we want to be by your side, asking how you’re feeling and helping to get the best out of you.

We want to be by your side, asking how you’re feeling and helping to get the best out of you. We’ll work every day, patiently, lovingly and consistently helping you to achieve all your goals.

Our experts are always by your side

They know you and know how to help you.

Lulla will make you feel confident every step of the way during motherhood. We will care for your own and your baby’s wellbeing from the beginning of pregnancy to the first years of your baby’s life.

What people say about Lulla

Lulla helps families tackle their greatest challenge: motherhood. They care for parents’ and their baby’s wellbeing.

The app for your baby’s rest and for you to sleep better.

“Within five days Rio was sleeping for 12 hours straight. I couldn’t believe it.”

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Paediatric and mental health. Accessible and affordable for all families.

“For tired parents and babies, Lulla could help everyone get a more peaceful night.”

Look after your employees when they are most vulnerable

Motherhood is still a very tough decision within the workspace. 80% of women feel uneasy or stressed about communicating their pregnancy at work.

We work with the best

Lulla provides your employees with a Maternity Coach to guide them from pregnancy to their children’s early years. Make the most of the best wellbeing, physical activity, nutrition, sleep and baby-care plans with ongoing guidance from an expert who is always on call.

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Your wellbeing and that of your family in 3 simple areas

Accessible, inexpensive and always available.


Accessible, inexpensive and always available.


Accessible, inexpensive and always available.

Our Values

At Lulla we believe in expert help and communication with families to succeed in improving family wellbeing and the quality of life.

Start a personalised plan and our coaches will guide you every step of the way. From pregnancy to the next few years of your baby.

Accessible, inexpensive and always available.

Respecting how you understand upbringing and family.

Reliable, backed by experts and the best information.


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